We are a Marketing Agency focused on Lead Generation and Results! Our essence includes commitment, passion for business and for new technologies. Aligned to this concept, we love to reinvent and participate in our clients’ marketing and communication strategy.

Our team is comprised by experts with more than 15 year in the market, who help us conduct the marketing area with excellence and quality, writing success stories, delivering with dedication, contributing with creative ideas and new possibilities, and always believing in long-lasting partnerships.

At M4R, we deliver results!
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Starting from a diagnosis, we develop the MKT Tactics and Strategic Planning, using all the marketing and communication tools that are necessary to reach the company’s goals and increase revenue. We have as differential a great expertise in the management of partners’ allowance to use in the marketing plan.


Incentive campaigns are part of the daily routine in sales. They increase the motivation of the salesforce to reach for the best results. We have a highly experienced team from the plan, idea of the concept, creation, help in goals and awards and follow-up.


Excited about technology, health and business-related issues, our differential is to gather a team of journalists and marketing professionals and to present the best solution in content to our clients. Whether it is a planned agenda in the media, an e-book or a creative video, we always have a new opportunity to advertise the business of your company!


An extension of your team with all the expertise, from the planning to the execution of all marketing and communication actions.


Creative and wired, our team helps global and local brands to attract visibility and engagement both online and offline by means of social or own multiplatforms.


Events complement the marketing strategy: positioning, communication and creating demand to the companies. We work from the planning to the operation from end-to-end.

The Inbound Marketing strategy is capable of generating significant results in marketing and sales, and it sharpens the curiosity of entrepreneurs and administrators.

All movement designed in Inbound marketing represents a great strategy, prepared by marketing and communication specialists, and supported by a precise science in market analysis.

Nothing that is applied in Inbound marketing is purely intuitive; all is studied and monitored at all times, with the purpose of generating effective results.

Inbound Marketing is based on the sharing and creation of quality content, correctly aimed at its target audience and using all marketing tools.

This customization and content strategy act as a magnet, attracting your target audience and turning them into potential clients.



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